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Mutant™ is a creative agency that's active in the fields of advertising, branding and product design. We create intellectual property both for clients and ourselves. 

We currently work for brands such as: 

Studio Brussel, Kipling, Unicef, Eén, Wiels, Eastpak, European Union, Paralympic Team Belgium, Kom op tegen Kanker, Fosbury & Sons, AB InBev, Provamel, etc.

In the news today: Odin Saillé, co-founder of Mutant, was elected Jury President at this year's Creative Belgium Awards. Mutant was voted Best Newcomer at the Belgian Agency of the Year Awards.

Half man / Half amazing: Once the nickname of Vince Carter, the greatest dunker the NBA has ever seen. As his athleticism diminished, he evolved his game to stay relevant. Never losing his flair for the dramatic and resulting in the longest playing career in history. Today his moniker defines our work ethos. 

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