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Mutant™ is a creative studio focused on branding, advertising and product design. We create intellectual property both for clients and ourselves. 

We currently work for brands such as: 

Studio Brussel, Canvas, Knack, Unicef, Eén, Wiels, Eastpak, Flair, EU, Paralympic Team Belgium, Technopolis, Fosbury & Sons, AB InBev, Provamel, etc.

The latest news: Mutant was voted Best Newcomer at the Belgian Agency of the Year Awards. Mutant won no less than 6 Creative Belgium awards including 2 golds and finished in the top 10 of ranked agencies. 

If we need it and it doesn't exist, just create it: At Mutant we work hard to have a relevant presence in today's society. We often do this as a partner of brands, but sometimes also as the initiators of our own newly founded brands. 

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