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for StuBru

Beats of love

It rains on the streets. My heart sends me beats.

Like everything else, The Warmest Week looked different in 2020. Instead of raising money, the focus was on initiatives to help one another. Because 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, StuBru decided to be the platform where you can thank someone who made a difference for you. And you can do so with a song, a Beat of Love. We were looking for a way to explain ‘request a record’ without getting caught in clichés. We decided to centre our idea around touching each other through music. Since Covid-19 forced us to live in isolation and unable to show affection through physical touch. We made it possible to show you care through a Beat of Love and even made a film with a Beast of Love as a metaphor for a record. 

In addition to traditional media, we immersed host city Leuven with Beats of Love. A striking bus stop, window drawings throughout the city and a luminous monument right in the heart of the city.