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for VRT

Belgium, protected music area

“No matter how small Belgium is, our music scene is as big as it gets”

Gerrit Kerremans
Music Coordinator

For decades Belgium has delivered outstanding contributions to the music scene with the best artists, festivals and logistics companies that provide the live sector with stages, light, sound, roadies, tour management, etc. It’s this sector that has been hit hard in 2020. That is why VRT and VI.BE joined forces and created The Week of Belgian Music. Numerous media brands launched initiatives to support everyone in the music sector.

Mutant was brought in for the branding and to campaign The Week of Belgian Music. We wanted to visualize this vast music scene in a way that would generate protective instinctive emotions in our audience. We landed on a world full of amiable musical creatures that remind us of cartoons from our childhood. Thus “Belgium, Protected Music Area” was born.

The design of the campaign is based on a warm nostalgic visual language that we complimented with various sleek elements. We worked closely with top illustrator Jiro Bevis to create the basis of this world. The logo of the Belgian Music Week, in the shape of a heart, has something universal due to its geometric shape and therefore appeals to the broad target group.


Flemish rapper Brihang took on the role of voice over. His poetic voice can be heard in the film and in the equally poetic radio spots that describe the contrasts between Belgian culture and our remarkable achievements in the musical field.