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Missed You Stranger

Missed You Stranger

We know that the pandemic lockdowns have made us miss the people we already know, but did we ever consider missing the people we don’t know?

‘Missed you Stranger’ is an ode to the unexpected encounters with random people. Showing the intimate and mesmerising beauty in otherwise awkward —and sometimes even slightly disgusting— situations, Belgian youth radio station StuBru understood very well how we were all yearning to embrace the return of the festival and party scene.

The impact of the pandemic led the Belgian population to adopt new words to describe the effects the virus had on the country. Due to the deprivation of social and intimate interaction during this period of isolation the word “huidhonger” was introduced. This term, which literally translates as “skin hunger”, perfectly describes the intimacy, physical touch and unexpected encounters with random strangers we —and especially youngsters— were craving for.

Standing uncomfortably close to strangers in a crowded venue inspired the print.

Belgian youth radio station StuBru showed they empathized with the yearning youth. And with this poetic campaign, they touched the inner desires of not only their core audience, but everybody that was in lockdown and secretly longed for a hedonistic escape.

“My 11 year old should not have her romantic image of kissing besmeared by this vulgar display of debauchery. It is simply unacceptable to have this broadcasted right before the news.”

Hater 1/86