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for Technopolis


Rebranding of an institution

We’re in the STEAM business. That stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics. But it also means that we believe in moving forward, preferably at full speed. That’s why we don’t believe in waiting around for the next Einstein, Rachel Carson, Newton, Curie or Hawking to arrive.

A total rebrand of Technopolis with a clear focus on the jaw breaking WOW effect kids have when it comes to science

Year 2021 Industries Branding & Design Deliverables Logo, visual identity, styleguide, …

Everything starts with WOW

The power of WOW is greater than any IQ level, innate talent or brilliant insight. Everything starts with wow.

“We’re looking for kids who allow themselves to marvel and wonder. Whose jaws drop when they hear about the infinite universe.”

Ester Blockx
Marketing Manager Technopolis

Icon set

Icons are a universal visual language. Everyone needs to be able to read and understand them easily. They need to be clear, simple and should be recognisable without words or pictures.

We’ve created a set of icons with the grid (8/8 column) serving as the guide to mix curved and straight lines.


The Technopolis mascot, created by using the O set in the same font as the Technopolis logotype. WOWZA is gender neutral creature with lots of personality. A simple shape that speaks for itself, easy to animate and can be used on different media.