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for betFIRST

First in Fast

betFIRST is a challenger brand in the sports betting world ranking third behind industry giants UNIBET and Bwin. But they surpassed their larger competitors in the digital world, having the fastest and highest performing app in the game. 

So, to reposition betFIRST in Belgium and The Netherlands, we went all in on speed.

Today’s top sports are being played at a high pace. Basketball players are pulling up from three in 8 seconds or less, football players are ramping up the score card and the top speeds in cycling are at an all-time high. This generation likes it fast. That goes for the athletes but also for a new generation of online sports bettors who have grown up in the digital age and expect a safe, quick and efficient UX.

The brand got a complete graphical revamp. Bold italics, blurs and a collection of shapes referring to graphical expressions of speed were introduced to reflect the betFIRST’s newly highlighted USP.

We said goodbye to stock footage of unidentifiable players used by all of betFIRST’s competitors and introduced a new anime-inspired graphical style.

“We incorporated this into betFIRST’s speedy brand universe because anime excels at visualising and dramatising things like speed and impact through the use of expressive lines and extreme angles.”

Frank Schouwaerts
Design Director Mutant

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