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for Club Brugge

The Farmer

A farmer knows his field. A farmer knows better than anyone what to do on the field. Because a farmer knows like no other that rough soil grows the strongest of crops. 

‘Farmers’ has been a nickname for the supporters and players of Club Brugge for years. In this new brand platform Club Brugge embraces this name fully: A Farmer knows his field.

A farmer who uses sober farmer’s wisdom to take advantage of the constantly changing current events in football. A farmer who propagates the basic values ​​of Club Brugge: hard work and never on their high horse.

‘The Farmer’ was launched with a social film and will appear throughout the year in relevant media and at relevant times.

“Nothing wrong with, but also nothing new about players, coaches or administrators as spokespersons for a football club. That is why we had been looking for a new storyteller and storytelling style for a while. With ‘The Farmer’ we embrace our roots and want to be able to comment on both the issues of the day and corporate current events in a fast, creative and witty way.”

Bob Madou
Chief Business Officer Club Brugge