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Rebranding VOORUIT

Vooruit is Flanders’ socialist party. For decades they were known as sp.a until new party president Conner Rousseau came along. At just 26 years of age, he took Flanders by storm, becoming a popular politician and breathing new life into a party that had gone through some dark times. 

In 2020, Rousseau announced that the party would be changing its name to VOORUIT (meaning: ‘Forward’) and turned to Mutant for the rebranding.

The logo reminds us of a rallying cry. It’s not only visually strong but also visually audible and perfectly represents the fresh wind and sound of VOORUIT. A party that’s moving forward. In a way the logo also points to the left, the side of the political spectrum where socialism resides.

A digital first colour palette.  

The VOORUIT colour scheme started from a socialist ‘heritage red’ but has undergone a major transition. We’ve added a vivid orangey red that really pops when used in digital environments and gives the layouts some extra punch. 

Next to the vivid colour we’ve selected a mild and a more profound red. Two softer tones, a warm grey and a pale yellow, were added to create a coherent palette.

We even redesigned the party’s iconic rose symbol – an international symbol of socialism that stems from the slogan ‘bread and roses’ used by striking textile workers in 1912, a moment considered to be a turning point in modern socialism. The new rose is built up out of V’s and appears to constantly be in motion.

Vooruit Rose animation

“This rebranding is the next step in the renewal of our party. It gives a nod to our past while keeping its eyes on the future.”

Conner Rousseau
VOORUIT president

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For our Instagram posts, we developed our own look based on the diagonal of our logo. Running over three posts, we use a vivid red area at the top and bottom, which gives the overview a dynamic and individual character.

By opting for a contemporary look and feel, we’ve branded VOORUIT as a lifestyle brand which perfectly fits today’s culture. Including on trend merchandising that can be worn as a veritable statement.