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for Vooruit

Rebranding Vooruit

for Vooruit

Rebranding for Vooruit

We didn’t approach this as a branding for a political party, instead we positioned Vooruit as a real brand. The result is a sleek and modern style that matches the new fresh wind that’s blowing through the socialistic landscape. Without denying the foundations of it.

A visual style that perfectly represents the new wind and sound of VOORUIT. A logo that’s not only visually strong but also visually audible.


The symbol of socialism

The rose was also updated. The new rose is made up of the V of the new Vooruit logo. It has become a more abstract version with a lot of power.

Vooruit Rose animation

“The name change is the next step in the renewal from a classical party to a socialist movement. It is a nod to our past, with a view on the future.”

Conner Rousseau

Social Media Posts

For our Instagram posts, we developped our own look based on the diaganol of our logo. Running over three posts, we use a Vivid Red area at the top and bottom, which gives the overview a dynamic and individual character.