— Studio Brussel

Right wing political parties are creating a culture of fear around Islam. To counter the narrow-mindedness, we created a radio show with 3 Belgian Moroccans that was aired on Studio Brussel during ramadan from sundown to midnight. 


to the School of Life 

— Eastpak

To launch Eastpak's back to school collection, we positioned the brand at the opposite end of a formal education. 

The Real Challenge


We were complimented by the European Parliament for creating the Children's Rights first campaign, in its 30 year history, that children actually understand. 

Music is our Answer

— Studio Brussel

Through Music, Studio Brussel raised millions in funds for over 2000 separate charities. This campaign is a tribute to that. 

The Fold

— WIELS Contemporary Art Centre

Check out the complete rebranding we did for WIELS, the renowned contemporary art centre in Brussels. 

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— Knack

Does injecting bleach help against Covid-19?

In times of crisis, the truth is vital. Check the facts. Check Knack. 

Metal Jesus

— Studio Brussel

Radio station, Studio Brussel has an annual metal show on Easter Sunday, the day of the resurrection of Christ. What a lovely coincidence, we thought.

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Vroeg of laat

kijk je Canvas

— Canvas

Sooner or later you watch Canvas.

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